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Chef Garnishing a Meal
Gourmet Meal
  • How does pick up and delivery work for catering orders?
    Menu pricing is as listed. Prices listed are per person or per pan and are so specified. Main dish portions are 6 oz. per person and dinner portions are 8 oz. per person and prices will reflect that. If you order a luncheon menu for dinner, please be prepared for that adjustment in pricing. ​ Billing: Invoices will be generated in a timely manner. For Corporate clients, payment is net 30. We accept all major Credit Cards, there is a 3.3% Credit Card Processing Fee Included in All Credit Card Transactions. ​ Delivery and Pick up Charges apply as listed. Local Colorado taxes apply. ​ Operations charges include, set up, extra equip and linen charges, insurance fees, proposal time, advertising, admin fees, vehicle maintenance, office staff, utilities, and the time it takes to plan a smooth and memorable event.
  • What's included with your disposable drop-off option?
    Disposable service can be pick up or delivery/drop off only. Drop-off delivery is $40 within a 20 mile radius. All cold foods served in/on disposable plastic platters, bowls, containers with disposable utensils. Although we cannot re-use these items, we encourage you to find an appropriate use for them so that they can be “recycled” for another use by another person. All hot food arrives in recyclable aluminum containers. $15 for disposable chafing dishes, sternos, and serving utensils. Plastic plates and eating utensils and napkins are provided with meals. Biodegradable plates, cups, and eating utensils are available upon request and charged accordingly. Cost: Menu price as listed, delivery, and appropriate Colorado taxes.
  • What's included with your moderate service option?
    On-site delivery, set up, and return pick up. One of our trained delivery drivers will set up your party at your home or office and then return to pick up any serving items. Cold food is served in real dishes and hot foods served in chafing dishes. All sterno fuel and serving utensils are included. Cost: Menu price as listed, delivery, and return pick up fees, and appropriate Colorado taxes.
  • Do you require a deposit for my event?
    For weddings and any large events, corporate or individual, we require a 25-50% deposit to secure the placement on our calendar. Deposit is non-refundable, but it is transferable if the event date is changed within three months’ notice. (Subject to caterer’s availability). Full payment must be received upon successful completion of the event. Corporate clients excepted. No deposit is required for smaller corporate parties, luncheons, and orders under $1,000.
  • How will I know what the total cost will be?
    After meeting with our event planner and agreeing on the needs for your event, you will be provided a written proposal/contract for your event which will include all costs. This will be signed by both parties and the deposit collected to secure the date.
  • Can I buy my own alcoholic beverages?
    Caterers in Colorado are not licensed or allowed to be licensed to handle liquor. We are happy to provide bartending service, but you must be responsible for the ordering, delivery, and pick up of all liquor, mixers, and ice. You will also need to be responsible for any leftover liquor product at the end of the night. Bar service is maxed out at 4 hours and the bar must close one hour prior to guests leaving the premise.
  • How can I set up a consultation or tasting?
    All tastings are $40 and will be enough for two samples. Please work with your event coordinator to set up a time for a tasting pick up. We are happy to deliver your tasting at a $25 fee.
  • Do you arrange rental equipment from outside vendors?
    We are happy to arrange the rental of tables, chairs, tents, china and flatware and any other equipment you may need and arrange the delivery and pick up. Clients are welcome to do this on their own. If you choose this option, the caterer is not responsible for any communication with the rental company. The client will communicate and deal with the company directly including any shortages and payments.

Catering FAQs

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